WIcomico River Friends Meeting
Come worship with us SUndays at 11am.
Learn about our community and our faith tradition.
519 Dykes Road - Salisbury, Maryland 21802-3704 - 410-749-9649 - friends@wicomicoriverquakers.org
Discover our way of worship...
We practice an unprogrammed form of worship. We do not have a paid clergy. People gather in a friendly atmosphere of silent prayer and meditation to wait on the word of God. Anyone in that gathering, who feels they are lead to share a message, can speak it. Speakers are asked to speak once, to speak loudly and clearly, and to allow time between messages.

Seekers from any faith tradition, as well as those seeking a faith community for the first time, are welcome to come and worship any time.

What do we believe?
The Religious Society of Friends (also known as the Quakers) is a unique faith community that encourages individual seekers to join in fellowship to share their spiritual journeys. This allows for a rich tapestry of experiences in which the following beliefs are commonly held:
  • There is that of God in everyone and all creation.
  • An active relationship with God is the starting point for a peaceful and productive life.
  • God continues to reveal truth to us directly so that we might lead lives of integrity.